Building the future

Avi Construction provides a full spectrum of services including Pre-Construction, Value Engineering, Project Management and so much more. Our diverse team of professionals is committed to seeing you through; from the first spark of an idea to successful project completion, every step of the way.

Development Services

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Full in-house services with over 250 years of combined industry experience aimed at realizing our distinct vision and that of our clients, through innovative and progressive applications. From research to development, our experts at Avi Construction have all the tools to ensure your project has the right components to successfully bring it to market.


  • In-house development team
  • Responsible for maintenance of product lines in Calgary, Edmonton, and Austin, Texas.
  • Develop products for a variety of building types including detached, attached, townhome, condo & apartment, and mixed-use projects.
  • Project development services
  • Permitting (land and building)
  • Consultant coordination
  • Municipal approvals
  • Site servicing
  • Product Development
  • Land Use and Planning Analysis
  • Development Consultation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development Permit
  • Marketing Materials and Visualization
  • Specifications and Material Selection
  • Interior Design
  • Home Staging and Product Merchandising

Pre-Construction & Tendering

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Overall planning and coordination of a project from inception to completion, aimed at exceeding our clients needs and requirements to produce a functional and financially viable product.

  • Preliminary planning and design management, including drawings, specification and scope development
  • Coordination with architects, consultants, engineers and municipalities
  • Full tendering services including estimating, bid preparation and execution
  • Tender review, negotiation and value engineering including options and alternates
  • Project planning including site evaluation, engineering reports and logistics
  • Budget development and cash flow analysis
  • Scheduling including integration of project milestones and phases
  • Risk mitigation
  • Land development and servicing
  • Zoning, permitting and land acquisition
  • Coordination of utilities and site services

Value Engineering

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By taking an in-depth look at the functions of equipment, facilities, services, systems and materials, Avi Construction creates value by improving function and/or reducing cost.

  • Orientation and familiarization with needs, specifications and client desire
  • Market research including engineering, procurement, reliability and material information
  • Product, component and function cost analysis
  • Review the efficiency/effectiveness of a product, function or services rendered
  • Product and function options and alternates including cost comparison
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs which do not contribute to function or appearance of the product

Construction Management

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Overseeing all aspects of construction from inception to completion; working closely with our clients, trade partners and suppliers to deliver an exceptional product on time and on budget.

  • Tendering
  • Procurement
  • Contract services
  • Site management
  • Production scheduling
  • Cost management
  • Project management
  • Occupancy process management
  • Coordination of quality survey services for lenders

Quality Control

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Quality control is integrated into every Avi Construction project and refined over time based on our experiences and met challenges. Our process is defined by 5 integral steps:

  1. Define Acceptance Criteria – ACMI clearly defines and articulates acceptance criteria to ensure the project team will be able to meet expectations
    • No visible defects
    • Complies with minimum code standards
    • Meets all manufactures’ specifications
    • Conforms to customer contract specifications
    • Project-specific quality standards
    • Industry common practices
  2. Create an Inspection Plan – the inspection process allows Avi Construction to determine whether a specific task was completed to the specifications and defined acceptance criteria.
  3. Use Checklists to Conduct Inspections – this ensures that all critical items are verified. Sharing checklists with the team prior to construction communicates critical requirements and enables our team to better understand how the work they are doing will be defined as acceptable.
  4. Correct Deficiencies & Verify Acceptance Criteria – deficiencies are identified through our inspection process and are corrected as follows:
    • Physically mark issue or area to prevent cover-up
    • Take photo to clearly identify the issue and how it’s marked in the field
    • Correct issue
    • Document correction
    • Sign-off once completed
  5. Prevent Future Deficiencies – the final step is to close the loop. Avi Construction reflects on previous deficiencies, and why they happened; the quality control process is adjusted to avoid future deficiencies and ensure they do not happen again.


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Avi Construction provides project specific warranty that guarantees your construction project will be completed in a workmanlike manner, without any major flaws or defects and will meet safety and quality standards.